Introducing Soldier of Style !

Introducing Soldier of Style ...

As most of you know (and if you don't know, you will know now!) I have been going through a transition/transformation after a very dark period in my life. 

In 2009,  I lost my husband and best friend to suicide. I was his companion, wife, and friend for almost 30yrs. 

This devastation and shock shook me to the core and I spent a very long year riddled with depression, addiction and turmoil.  I began a journey that now, 7yrs later, I equate to war. The battle was of mind, body, and spirit. Trials will leave us wounded, but we can grow and flourish in the process; hence "dressing up our wounds".

I have spent the last 7yrs, working from the inside out. I made life-altering changes to my lifestyle, encompassing sobriety, therapy, 12 steps, health and fitness, life coaching, image consulting and beauty, and wellness. I have partnered with friends and colleagues along the way, sharing resources and beauty secrets. 

Style and confidence developed and perfected through a self-driven purpose and finding myself again. I approached my team with the thought of making this a journey to invite women that have gone through difficult life challenges and battles of there own. 

March launched the first recipient of the "Soldier of Style" award and introduced our inaugural Soldier of Style. We will update and monitor changes and the journey through social media and Night of Style events.  

I am honored and humbled everyday that I have revived my business, that I get to do what I love and now try to give back and support other women - I am blessed and I thank God for the hope and grace to begin a new chapter to my life and the lives of my children. 

In gratitude,


Sandy Featherston