Soldiers of Style

How do you take tragedy and reinvent yourself and go back into the world

and develop a new future?

For the past few years, Soldier of Style was an idea Sandy had in mind as a way to give back to woman who are going through a difficult time in their life and are in need of some much needed self-care. As some of you may know, Sandy has also been through many challenging obstacles in her life and still to this day is constantly working on herself. In Fall 2018, we kicked off this program.

The Soldier of Style campaign is all about Sandy adopting and sponsoring a selected woman and providing her with an all new wardrobe, plus hair & makeup done by our local favorites.this journey has turned Frocks & Rocks into a place of healing for many women.

Stay tuned here to see these journeys!



RHONDA Chatterton

Rhonda’s story begins with her daughter, Skye Rose who’s medical journey first started as a virus which turned into three different conditions POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), and EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). Prior to her illness, Skye was a high achieving scholar she graduated high school early at 15 years old and furthered Skye was working on finishing her 2nd year at EL Camino College, with plans to transfer. Her future goals were to eventually get her Doctorate at Stanford. Skye was very athletic, she would hike up to 30 miles a week and after being diagnosed she could no longer stand without passing out. The last five years have been filled with Dr’s, ER’s and hospitalizations.

Her daughter is in a guarded condition, so Rhonda and her husband are Skye’s full time caregivers. We are so happy to have Rhonda as our Solider of Style, she is a devoted mother, strong advocate, full of support and side by side in this unimaginable battle. Rhonda is a true woman of grace with a committed devotion to her daughter.

We send Rhonda and her family prayers.

For Rhonda’s styling session, we wanted to incorporate two outfits that showed Rhonda’s personal style and comfortability. For the first outfit we went with a Striped blazer, knit tank, jeans, and a kitten heel slide. Her second outfit was a Black jumpsuit with a tie waist, a Duster with a long necklace for a pop of color and a black strap slide. She looked beautiful and each outfit was a perfect summer go-to.

Rhonda also got her makeup and hair done by Jen at BlueMercury.



Micele Baldo was nominated by her friend Mary, who said “Michele is the strongest woman I know. Soon after her husband shocked her with a divorce request about 12 years ago, she was hit with breast cancer, surgery, chemo, only to get ovarian cancer about 5 years later, more surgery and chemo. These last months she has been hit with bad health yet again and had another round of chemo this spring and surgery [recently] to remove a mass from her kidney. She has been through so much … She could def do with some of Sandy’s magic”

We are so grateful that Micele chose to share her journey with us at Night of Style- if you couldn’t make it, catch some of her speech in the video below. Soldier of Style was created to help women like Micele, someone in our community that life is throwing curveball after curveball. After three bouts of cancer, mixed with heart break and raising a child on her own, Micele still is fighting the tough fight and says “I will never ever give up ever”. 

For her styling session, Sandy created looks for a trip Michelle is taking to Vegas. She chose several great versatile pieces to match her beautiful green-almost-teal eyes, and clothes that would provide the comfort Michelle needs while still looking fashion forward. At Frocks&Rocks, we can’t change what’s going on internally, but we can use our style skills to dress up the external and hopefully spark some self-love and new confidence; Sandy said at Night of Style “when we go through these things its a small thing I can do”.




As most of you know, and if you don't know, you will know now -

I have been going through a transition/transformation after a very dark period in my life. In 2009, I lost my husband and best friend to suicide. I was his companion, wife and friend for almost 30 yEArs. This devastation and shock shook me to the core and I spent a very long year riddled with depression, addiction and turmoil. I began a journey, that now, 8 years later I equate to war. The battle was of mind, body and spirit. Trials will leave us wounded, but we can grow and flourish in the process; hence "dressing up our wounds". I have spent the last 8 years, working from the inside out. I made life altering changes to my lifestyle, encompassing sobriety, therapy, 12steps, health and fitness, life coaching, image consulting and beauty and wellness. I have partnered with friends and colleagues along way, sharing resources and beauty secrets. Style and confidence developed and perfected through a self driven purpose and finding myself again. I approached my team with the thought of making this a journey to invite women that have gone through difficult life challenges and battles of there own.